Wall Crawl Pub Crawl

30th July 2005
Canterbury The mission? A Pub Crawl of 28 pubs that are inside the city wall of Canterbury. The time schedule ? - 12 hours! Pubs in the UK generally open from 11am to 11pm. So, get a gang of friends together, get the map done, get the timings for each pub - pick a Saturday in summer, and... GO FOR IT! 5 of us lads were the ones preparing to make all 28 in the time allotted and we had a number of friends join in along the way throughout the day. The photos below show us outside each and every pub* and also other shots from the day. You can check out the route we followed on the map below - it's a great way to see the old town cobble streets of Canterbury as well, there's some very nice old pubs and newer bars included on the crawl. The original 5 from the first pub made it all the way to the last pub in the 12 hours! It was a fantastic day with lots of laughs, crazy antics and gladly no major incidents involving any locals! ;-) (*We did miss 2 photos outside pubs #25 and #26 - I guess it was inevitable after 10 hours or so we'd forget to get the evidence, but believe me - we did all 28!)
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