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::16/05/2006 - A Baby Boy
Bec and Pete had their baby this week! A healthy baby boy - Adam Robert Harris. You can see him here
:: 12/04/2006 - 32 y.o.
I turned 32 today. Lucky I feel 23! ;-)
:: 07/03/2006 - House
Well, my flat mates and very good friends Pete and Rebecca have moved back to Australia to have their first child! Pretty sad time for me as they were such great company and a lot of fun! So, Virginie and I have moved into the house and will take the lease for 6 months and see how it goes. Not sure if I'll be still here in the UK by end of September, as we plan to do a lot of travelling until Xmas!
:: 23/01/2006 - News
Have secured another 6 month contract here at Pfizer until end of July. Life is good here at the moment. Enjoyed a lovely Xmas in Toulouse with Virginie and her family. The winter is still here and will be for a few months yet, but at least we're passed half way now which is always good! My aussie house mates move home to Australia in Feb, so I'm taking the lease over at the flat! Hopefully will get to do some travelling in the spring too, and of course in the summer as well!
:: 01/11/2005 - Anniversary!
Well on the 21st October it was my one year anniversary over here in the UK. I never thought a year could go so quickly but this year has just flown by. I guess with a lot of travel and a lot of things on the go the time zooms by. It's been a fantastic year so far - who knows what the next few months or year have in store for me!
:: 25/07/2005 - Stuff!
Well after recent bombing events around these neck of the woods, it's a pretty sad time to be over here. Luckily for me and my friends Canterbury is a fair way from all the tragedy. Sadly, I don't think it will get better before it gets worse. Some other news - my contract got extnded now until the end of October which is perfect. I'll need some funds support after this summer and all the travelling around Europe I've done (and will be doing)! Summer is definitely a great time in the UK - lots of stuff to do - people are generally in much better mood, and beer gardens are the best place to be!
:: 7/03/2005 - Work!
Yes! A new contract, finally! Back into the money earning realm! Has been good taking it easy recently, but when we all know it's money needed to enjoy life, it's great to have some income again. Contract rates are always good as well, so it's a bonus indeed. I'm doing web design/analysis stuff for a global pharmaceutical company - migrating a heap of websites from one system to a new one. Nice place to work, it's HUGE - the plant has around 6,000 people working at it - and is like a small city!
:: 1/03/2005 - Wallflowers
One of the coolest bands (singer is Jakob Dylan - Bob's son) around are about to put out a new album (first in 3 years) in May. It's called 'Rebel, Sweetheart' and buying it should be on your "First thing to do in May" list! You can read more about it on www.wallflowers.com.
:: 6/12/2004 - Passport Fiasco
Well, what do you think is the most important thing you need to have with you when you travel internationally? Your wallet? Yes. Your suitcase? Naturally. But the most important object? Your freakin' passport! DOH! I had made the 1 and a half hour train ride to London from Canterbury in complete control, nice and relaxed until 5 mins from London Bridge station and I realised I had forgot my passport. I knew instantly there was no chance to make the scheduled flight at 11am. It's a sinking feeling I can tell you. Amidst the odd looks from the other train passengers when I mumbled obscentities and then couldn't help but chuckle to myself I messaged Bjorn in Sweden to break the news. After contacting Ryanair, I had only one option - get back to Canterbury get the passport and get to Stansted to HOPE there was a seat on the 6.15pm flight. I could have rebooked, but at 140 pounds, I would take my chance on getting back to the airport as quick as I could and only pay the 30 pound re-booking fee. Yes, I know why didn't I pay the re-booking fee over the phone? Well, they said it couldn't be done and only full fares can be done over the phone. Standard. Anyway, got back to Canterbury and back to London (using the same train ticket mind you - as if I was going to pay again when all I did was get off at the platform walk to another one and get back on - I was in a hurry right? Ticket purchasing takes time, right?? ;-). I eventually got to Stansted airport by 2pm - got my seat on the 6pm flight - and then had a few hours to kill. I massacred those hours in the O'Reilly Pub at the airport with a few relaxing cold beers. Flight to Goteborg was uneventful, and I was pleased just to get away from trains, planes and airports! Thankfully Bjorn had a nice cold Swedish Falcon Export beer waiting for me! Moral of the story? If this happens to you - just laugh. I did.

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