Göteborgsvarvet, Sweden

21st May 2005
Göteborgsvarvet, Sweden 21kms of lovely scenery, 21kms of thousands and thousands of other runners inspiring you along, 21kms of supporters cheering you along, but it was still 21kms of pain! ;-) For some unknown reason Bec, Pete and myself decided way back in January to accept Bjorn's invite to come to Goteborg and run the famous half marathon. Silly silly us! Seriously though, the weather was a little wet, and very windy, but the accomplishment of finishing pretty much around the time I was hoping for outweighed any of the negatives! It was good fun and a great weekend in one of my favourite cities in Europe. I managed to run the 21.097kms in 1:53:41, which was as good as I could have done given I haven't really trained hard for this race at all. Bec and Pete both finished strongly too! Well done guys. Sadly for Haggis he jarred his back around 10kms and wasn't able to finish, but he was looking good for a superb time. Bad luck mate. We certainly took a little longer to get into the after race drinks, but the aches and pains weren't numbed by the sweet beer nectar! Let's just say during the days after, the muscles in my body decided to go on strike and walking up and down stairs at work wasn't the easiest thing in the world!
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