July, 2006
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec

V and I planned a trip to Canada this summer as my brother Dario was getting married to Annie in Montreal. Of course I was excited to see my brother and all my family again after almost 18 months. So we decided to spend just over 2 weeks over on the east coast of Canada while there for the wedding. We began in Toronto and then met my parents and checked out the nearby Niagara Falls. We then drove up to Montreal for the wedding!

Quebec is a very friendly part of Canada and the scenery once we get out of the typical north American cities is breathtaking. The rivers and lakes and fjords are amazing! We also visited some of V's friends in Montreal (hi to helena and Julien) and Quebec City (Thanks to Agnes and Julien for their hospitality!!). We had a fantastic time at the wedding and I was very proud to be part of it all. My brother is very lucky to now have two wonderful families!

A special thanks to my fantastic parents who were very generous to me and V and also to all of Annie's family and friends who were really welcoming and made the trip so much more enjoyable! Anyway - no-one reads these bits, so just go check out the pics!

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